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The Blackstone Buzz 

Something exciting is abuzz at The Blackstone Hotel. High above the vibrant city of Chicago, our historic hotel's rooftop is now home to a thriving urban beekeeping initiative.

Urban Beekeeping Initiative – 

In collaboration with The Hive Supply, The Blackstone has become one of Chicago's pioneers in protecting the local bee population. We've devoted a portion of our rooftop to urban beekeeping, providing a sanctuary for thousands of European honeybees.

This initiative is our commitment to supporting local ecosystems and conserving these vital pollinators. Urban beekeeping plays a significant role in bolstering local agriculture and creating sustainable systems. The presence of bee hives introduces more pollinators, enhancing the well-being of food and beauty-based plants in our urban environment.

A Year-Round Endeavor – 

Depending on the season, The Blackstone's rooftop is home to 10,000 - 100,000 lively European honeybees. These bees, chosen for their exceptional pollinating capabilities, diligently gather nectar and pollen from the diverse flora surrounding Chicago neighborhoods, producing some of the purest and most delectable honey around.

We work closely with The Hive Supply to ensure the bees' well-being year-round. From April to October, the bees are busy pollinating Chicago's wonderful flora. Before winter arrives, The Hive Supply ensures the bees are well-fed and their hives are well-insulated for the off-season. Our rooftop provides an ideal location, protecting the bees from invasive species, crowded streets, and harsh Chicago winds.

Sample Local Flavors – 

In addition to supporting local ecosystems, urban beekeeping promotes a more natural food manufacturing process. The skilled beekeepers at The Hive Supply meticulously harvest this golden nectar, ready to be jarred or integrated into the culinary offerings at Mercat a la Planxa, our Spanish-style restaurant adjacent to The Blackstone. Individual jars of honey are used for amenities and as thoughtful gifts throughout the year.

Whether you're savoring our exceptional honey or supporting the crucial bee population, a stay at The Blackstone Hotel promises a buzzworthy experience.

For more information, please contact us at info@theblackstonehotel.com.