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The Blackstone Art Collection

A Chicago Art Museum Inside Our Hotel

The Blackstone art collection rivals some of the most prestigious downtown Chicago art museums surrounding the hotel. During your stay, browse more than 1,600 contemporary artworks, primarily created by emerging local artists.

The Curator

The Blackstone’s namesake, Timothy Blackstone, was a curator himself. He even donated Blackstone Hall to The Art Institute of Chicago. Demolished in 1958, the enormous two-story gallery once spanned the area between where the Asian art and Prints and Drawings galleries are today and housed over 150 plaster cast sculptures, many replicas of Greek and Roman art received as gifts from the French government.

In 1958, Blackstone Hall, which had been added adjacent to the east wall of the original building in 1903 and once housed over 150 plaster casts of architectural artwork, was redesigned (further redesign continued in 1959). After the redesign Blackstone Hall no longer exhibited the Greek and Roman, Renaissance and modern sculptures. Now the Hall is partitioned into several galleries.

On permanent display throughout guest rooms, meeting rooms, and public spaces, our art collection is an extension of the Blackstone’s role as a Chicago cultural icon and includes:

  • Visual satirist Michael Hernandez De Luna’s large-scale, perforated stamp-sheet pieces. Displayed in all guestrooms, they cleverly reference The Blackstone’s legacy as the “Hotel of Presidents.”
  • Mark Debernadi’s atmospheric series of photographic prints. Displayed in some of our meeting rooms, they chronicle historic Illinois locations such as Lincoln’s Log Cabin and Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home.
  • Custom made pieces for the newly designed David Soukup. David Soukup [born 1985] is known for his stunning hand-cut stencil paintings of the urban environment which lie at the boundary between photo-realism and graphic design.  Soukup catalogs city life, specifically the life in his hometown of Chicago, and the decaying and now forgotten alleys and fire escapes of a previous life.  His paintings reflect accumulated memories and experiences, with rich texture, abstract, and intentional elements and techniques.  

Art Hall

For a gallery experience, head to our Chicago art gallery on the fifth floor, Art Hall. Juxtaposing classic architecture with contemporary art, The Art Hall features an ever-changing collection of cutting-edge new media art, contemporary photography, paintings and graphic works by local artists. Take a unique piece of Chicago home with you — each work is for sale.

2017 Cultural Curator

In 2017, The Blackstone took the art program to a new level with curated pieces created to combine the hotel’s notorious past with perpetual newness, curated for the contemporary present of The Cultural Mile. Art pieces were created to grace the walls of the C-Level Suite as well as individual program on every guest room floor. Artwork includes pieces by:

  • Eric J. Garcia
  • Lunar Tecos
  • Spudnik Press
  • Andrew LeMay Cox
  • Joyce Owens
  • Chad Wys
  • Michelle Litvin
  • WhisBe
  • Stephanie Taranto
  • Alberto Aguilar
  • Katarzyna Krol
  • Chris Silva
  • José Lerma
  • Sarah Ogren
  • Matthew Hoffman
  • Andrew Holmquist
  • Tom Van Eynde
  • Michael Dowling
  • Fred Fleisher
  • Valerie Wallace
  • Cheryl Hicks

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