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Ann Latinovich

Project Windows 2018

John Singer Sargent & Chicago's Gilded Age

Continuing its legacy as a Cultural Curator in Chicago, The Blackstone is participating in Project Windows 2018. Sponsored by The Art Institute of Chicago, Oak Street Designs and Michigan Avenue Magazine, this year’s Project Windows features The Art Institute of Chicago's upcoming exhibition John Singer Sargent and Chicago's Gilded Age - celebrating, through art and design, our own modern day gilded age. The Blackstone is mixing it up by inviting guests inside their historic spaces to feel like royalty and have a private session with Portrait Artist Ann Latinovich. It's your turn to make your own history in these storied spaces.

Limited spots left! Schedule a Portraiture Session for yourself or your family:
July 8: Crystal Ballroom - No longer available
July 15: English Room
August 12: Crystal Ballroom
August 19: English Room - No longer available

For scheduling and details, call 219.629.2794

Complimentary sessions come with a $150 print credit as a gift from The Blackstone. Fine Art Prints with Latinovich begin at $350. For Signature Artisan Paintings, please reach out directly to the Latinovich's phone number listed above.

Ann Latinovich is an internationally recognized portrait artist whose studio resides in the Fine Arts Building of Chicago. Having created portraits of two sitting Presidents, her work combines painting techniques and approaches of the Renaissance, to state-of-the-art photographic technology.

About the Crystal Ballroom:

The largest of The Blackstone's historic event spaces, the grand Crystal Ballroom is an awe-inspiring example of Beaux-Arts interiors. Featuring historic millwork and sculptural details, the two-tiered room boasts soaring 21-foot ceilings and a bevy of elegant chandeliers. Adding to the grandeur, natural light pours through windows that face Michigan Avenue and Grant Park, complementing the pristine white walls and jeweled blue carpet. A premier venue for special events and conferences, this stunning ballroom has held many esteemed events in history, such as a 30 second press conference by former President Jimmy Carter and the infamous Al Capone scene from "The Untouchables".


About the English Room:

Creativity thrives in this one-of-a-kind event space. Imported from an 18th century English manor house, the decadent English Room was reassembled in The Blackstone in 1910. The mahogany walls, ornate plaster, and colorful stained glass give this room the distinct feeling of a private parlor in a lavish mansion.